Before I transitioned the podcast to its new format as Art and Self with Cindy Ingram, some of my all-time favorite episodes were the ones where I had captivating art conversations with my dear friend, Madalyn. We’d dive deep into a single piece, exploring its intricacies, and unraveling the layers that make art truly fascinating. The goal was to not just talk about art but to show the depth and complexity it holds, offering listeners a glimpse of the incredible possibilities within the world of art. It’s all about the power of showing rather than telling—a theme that’s been resonating with me lately, especially in connection to my new book.

To mark the book’s release, I brought Madalyn back to the podcast after a two-year hiatus, and it was an absolute joy. We delved into the enchanting painting Night by Natalie Wadlington, one of the artworks featured in my new book, Art Is About Being Whole: A Memoir.

In this episode, we explore:

  • The sacredness, duality, and symbolism of nature
  • Themes of curiosity, authenticity, wholeness, and joy in simple moments
  • A journey back to childhood wonder and the importance of embracing our true selves
  • Reflections on societal expectations, productivity, and the art of resistance through self-care

Artwork Discussed

Natalie Wadlington, Night

Links Mentioned

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