[Free Monthly Gathering]

Art Church: Seeking the Sacred in The Diary of Frida Kahlo

every Fourth Thursday 7-8 pm Eastern on Zoom

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[Free Monthly Gathering]

Art Church: Seeking the Sacred in The Diary of Frida Kahlo

every Fourth Thursday
7-8 pm Eastern
on Zoom


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Explore your Inner World through the Sacred Art of Frida Kahlo

Art Church™ is a secular yet spiritual program that delves into the profound depths of Frida Kahlo’s art, treating her artworks and diaries as sacred texts.

In our free monthly, live sessions and in our discussions in the accompanying Facebook Group, we will draw inspiration from Frida’s life and art for our own self-discovery and growth. This group is a sanctuary for individuals to connect deeply with themselves, each other, and the insights woven within Kahlo’s vibrant body of work.

How to Participate

1. Join the email list. Enter your email above to receive the meeting’s Zoom link, meeting dates/times, important announcements, and reminders via email.

2. Join the Facebook group. Participate in related discussions and get event reminders and announcements in our Facebook group. ** Not required to participate but recommended! 

3. Buy The Diary of Frida Kahlo. (affiliate link) Although not technically required, you will probably want your own copy of the book. ** Cindy is not affiliated with Frida Kahlo or the publication of the book, but the link is an Amazon affiliate link. Think of this like a book club!

What is a "Sacred Text"?

A sacred text transcends its physical form, representing a repository of wisdom, insight, and cultural significance. While traditionally associated with religious scriptures, it extends beyond religious boundaries to encompass a diverse range of writings, artworks, and cultural artifacts that evoke deep meaning and contemplation. In our group, we approach the concept of sacred texts through a secular lens, acknowledging the profound impact of Frida Kahlo’s art. Her paintings serve as powerful conduits for exploring universal themes and personal reflection, fostering connections with ourselves and others on a deeply spiritual level. Through our discussions and practices, we delve into the transformative potential of art as a medium for introspection, growth, and communal exploration of the human experience.

Group Understandings

  1. Interpretation through Sacred Text: In our discussions and analyses of Frida Kahlo’s art, we may explore themes, symbols, and narratives through the lens of sacred texts or spiritual perspectives. While engaging in this exploration, it’s important to recognize that our interpretations are subjective and may vary based on individual beliefs and experiences.

  2. Honoring Frida Kahlo’s Intentions: We acknowledge and respect Frida Kahlo as a visionary artist who expressed her personal experiences, emotions, and cultural identity through her work. Our interpretation of her art through sacred texts does not negate or diminish her own intentions as an artist. We honor her creativity, authenticity, and unique voice in the art world.

  3. Cultural Sensitivity: Frida Kahlo’s art is deeply rooted in her Mexican heritage, symbolism, and history. As we analyze and appreciate her work, we must be mindful of the cultural significance and context from which it emerged. This includes recognizing and respecting the indigenous influences that shape her artistic expression.

  4. Intersectionality and Diversity: Frida Kahlo’s identity encompassed various intersecting aspects, including her Mexican heritage, gender identity, physical disability, and political activism. Our discussions should reflect the complexity and diversity of her experiences, avoiding oversimplification or cultural appropriation.

  5. Open Dialogue and Learning: This group is a space for open dialogue, learning, and exploration of Frida Kahlo’s art from diverse perspectives. We encourage members to share their interpretations, insights, and questions respectfully, fostering a supportive environment for intellectual exchange and growth.

  6. Mutual Respect and Understanding: While our interpretations of Frida Kahlo’s art may differ, let’s approach discussions with mutual respect, empathy, and understanding. We can learn from each other’s perspectives and enrich our understanding of her work by embracing diverse viewpoints and experiences.

  7. Reporting Misconduct: Any behavior that disrespects Frida Kahlo’s artistic legacy, cultural heritage, or violates the principles of this group should be reported to the administrators for appropriate action.We are committed to maintaining a respectful and inclusive space for all members.
By participating in this group, members agree to uphold these guidelines and honor Frida Kahlo’s artistic intentions and cultural heritage with integrity and reverence. Together, we can deepen our appreciation for her enduring legacy as an artist and cultural icon.

About Your Guide

My name is Cindy Ingram, and I am an author, writer, artist, poet, educator, and entrepreneur. Connecting with works of art and crafting innovative learning activities are my superpowers, and I have dedicated my life to bringing the magic of art connection to others.

A former art museum educator and art teacher with a B.A. in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin and an M.A. in Art Education from the University of North Texas, I have supported teachers and their students through my work as founder and CEO of Art Class Curator since 2014.

I am passionate about taking art out of dark, stuffy lecture halls and out of the pretentious gatekeeping of “fine art” and into the hearts, minds, and lives of everyone who wants to experience it.

I measure my success with the volume of tears shed over the depth of beauty, connection, and humanity contained in works of art.

Art Is About Being Whole: A Memoir

Art Is About Being Whole: A Memoir explores my journey of finding who I am underneath all the layers of protection. Each essay incorporates a work of art that encapsulates growth experienced at pivotal moments in my life. Each piece of art is a touch point to come back to again and again as I acknowledge where I’ve been and where I am headed. From a Great White Shark swimming stealthily beneath burnout to a futuristic painting of a mask connecting me with the humanity of my long-lost biological father to a succession of painted eyes clarifying my spirituality, each artwork helps me put words and images to thoughts, feelings, and transformations that often feel too hard to explain.

How do you explain a feeling? That’s what artists do.

Praise for the Cindy’s Art Connection Workshops

“When I joined the Circle, I was at a point where I was searching for some kind of connection. I was feeling very lost. I felt like I wasn’t reaching people, and I felt like people weren’t reaching me. I have never felt more connected to a group of people through a screen than I have through the Art Connection Circle. The kind of connection that I got through the Art Connection Circle gives me hope and shows me that it is possible for me to make deep connections with people this way. And I learned that I’m not alone.”

Bridget King


“I went into the Circle promising myself that I was not going to share about my recent cancer. I wasn’t ready. But when Cindy put the first artwork up on day one, it spoke to me so loudly I cried. The art helped me connect with a part of me that was not ready. Art opened a door that was not there before. The art made it easier to talk about my story, and it was met with encouragement and loving kindness from the group. I learned that I can heal, and that art heals.”

Monica Parraga


“I was really surprised at how deep we were able to get in such a short time. It’s amazing how a piece of artwork can really transition you into so many other aspects to think about, whether it’s the art, your life or someone else’s, or what’s happening in the world.”

Amanda Dale


“Cindy is truly excellent at creating a safe space for the group to share, explore, and feel heard. I was never worried that I was going to say the wrong thing or that I couldn’t say something that I wanted to say because of how it would be reacted to. That safe space allowed us to create deep bonds.”

Julie Lynn


“The self-awareness I gained from the Art Connection Circle was profound. I realized how important it is for my actions to line up with my values and also what a strong hold past voices have on how I think about myself now. In the safe and non-judgemental space of the circle, I learned to always be true to myself.

Gwen Evseichik


“The Art Connection Circle is a safe and accepting space, and I felt comfortable there. It was a teddy bear. It was an encyclopedia. It was a community. It was just everything rolled into one.”

Shoshanna Rosenthal

Artist and Illustrator, GEORGIA, USA