Last week, Madalyn and I geeked out over Naudline Pierre’s art exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. It blew us away so much that we ended up talking for an hour and a half about our experience there. In part two of our discussion, we wrap up our thoughts on Lest You Fall and move on to Pierre’s Hold On, Hold Tight featuring more angels, nude figures, and clashing colors.

This episode was part of the Art Class Curator before we rebranded to Art and Self.

1:20​ – The different energy vibes given off by the angels in Lest You Fall

5:10 – Why the Bible quote similar to the artwork’s title triggers me

10:43 – Describing Pierre’s Hold On, Hold Tight oil on canvas painting

14:03 – What the fetal position of the main character could symbolize

18:42 – The personal reason behind why Madalyn feels drawn to this work of art

21:27 – Possible interpretations for the depiction of two angels who seem a bit removed from the action

26:22 – Why this exhibit made me want to go home and paint afterward

31:14 – Being expansive, multiple, contradictory, and living in the fullness of possibility

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Art Connection Circle

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