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Cindy Ingram

Coaching for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs and Creators

Put your work out into the world with creativity, compassion, ease, and authenticity.

Do you have a passion you want to share with the world but you can’t seem to get out of your own way?

You are creative. There’s something special inside of you that needs to be released into the world–whether you are writing a book on your intimate connection to nature or an online course to help shift women’s relationship to money or a coaching business that helps people get ready for their one true love.

Whether it’s still a whisper of an idea or something you’ve been working on for years, it won’t leave you alone. You think about it any time you have a free moment (and even when you should be thinking about something else). You know, if you could just figure out how to share it with the world, your life would change. The world would change.

You don’t just want to create it, you need to create it. You just CAN’T NOT create it anymore.

You’ve been feeling the call for something bigger. Something more alive. Something is ready to be born from you. Only from you. 

You have to do it.

Maybe you’ve tried taking action before. Written a draft. Started a mission statement. Signed up for a class or built a website. Started a Facebook page and invited all your friends, but only posted a few times before you let it fizzle.

This thing you want to create has a deep and meaningful purpose. You know it will make an impact.

You feel the call stirring in your chest, waking you in the middle of the night with bursts of clarity, and you can’t ignore it any longer.

You are ready to take action. It’s time.

But, why is it so freaking hard to make that next move?

You’ve spent so much time creating this thing in your head that you can see it clear as day so it’s just as simple as putting it out there, right?

Well, maybe it is not that easy.

What happens next is…a lot. As you start to research everything that needs to happen to get this thing out into the world, you get shut down in analysis paralysis.

There are so many systems and so many tempting online marketers trying to sell you their proven 6-figure process. You need web hosting and a website and an email list and a social media presence and also why are there 10 social media channels and which one should you choose and how do you make your website look polished and perfect and like that one friend you know who has been in business 8 years with all the income and resources to hire a developer.

What needs to actually get done and by when and in what order?

But deep down, it’s clear that you know everything you need to know already.

You have all the how-tos. You’ve analyzed the pros and cons of each system and you’ve experimented on more than a few platforms. You’ve listened to hours and hours of podcasts and you know all about lead generation and webinars and scarcity and funnels and conversion rates.

If learning all the things really led to 6-figure success, your Tesla would be driving you to Lowe’s right now to pick up some furniture for your new swimming pool in the backyard of your McMansion.

When you think about the actual thing you want to create, it’s easy. It’s flow. It’s heavens-opening-up joyful. It’s light and fun.

You know you are doing work that you are meant to do.

But it’s safe to hide behind learning and to lose yourself in the dream of the idea because taking action requires you to face some really hard emotions.

Who am I to do something like this? I don’t have the credentials.

But what if people don’t like it? What if no one wants it?

What will my friends, family, and coworkers think?

Do I have to put myself on video?

I’m scared I will not make any money. I’m scared I will make too much money. What if people think I am greedy?

Selling is sleazy, and I will be gross asking people for money.

Fear, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and shame take over.

Putting yourself and your heart out into the world is vulnerable, and handling the uncomfortable emotions of creation is terrifying.

Those online marketers with their 6 steps to 6 figures systems don’t tell you about the panic attacks once you hit send. Or about the replies that catapult you into a fight or flight response that feels like a cheetah is chasing you on the savannah. Or about the self doubt that makes you want to throw in the towel. Or the shame that follows after your sister makes a comment about how much you’re posting on Facebook. They don’t you about the crippling fear of getting it right (as if “right” even exists).

Their “quick and easy” steps to financial success leave out the most important thing I’ve learned in the last 9 years of running a multiple 6-figure business…

Tending to your emotions, your wellbeing, and your nervous system is the most important part of your business strategy.

Hi! I’m Cindy Ingram,

and I’ve always known deep down that I was an entrepreneur. That I had big things to create and say and do and be. I knew that I had it in me to make a big impact on this world, but in 2014, I found myself playing really small.

I looked around and realized that I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live. I was merely surviving and moving from circumstance to circumstance. I felt like I was living someone else’s life, and I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

I had big ideas and a big impact to make in the world, but I was stuffing down the true desires I had for my life and building a nice thick suit of armor to keep all of my hopes and dreams locked in tight.

I was stuck in this hamster wheel of life but I knew deep down beneath all this armor that not only am I not going anywhere, but I am not even a motherfuzzing hamster.

And the stuck I was feeling? No one put me on that wheel. The door to my cage was not locked. No one was coming to open the door for me and let me out. Honestly, I wouldn’t have trusted them even if they did come.

So I made the choice to open the door and step off that wheel.

(I flew off actually. Turns out, I am a majestic bird.)

With that big decision in 2014, I finally created my business, and l started on the path of creating the life I wanted to live by doing the work that I was meant to do and serving the people I was meant to serve.

And while that work involved a lot of learning–courses, coaching programs, certifications, and more–the biggest transformation came from my willingness to make take immediate and aligned action and my willingness to wade through the discomfort of facing difficult emotions and shed the many the layers of protective armor I’d built over the years.

I had to release what not longer served me, and I had to step into something new.

The thing is, creation involves destruction. It’s a necessary part of the process.

Destroying the need to be perfect. Blowing up the ways of being that aren’t serving you. Taking out the need to please others. Dismantling the need to stay in your lane and not make any waves. Destroying the armor you’ve built to protect yourself–armor so thick it stops you from moving at all.

Growth is painful. Change is uncomfortable. You’ve avoided the pain and discomfort, but you’ve also avoided the growth and joy on the other side.

It’s the forest fire that causes the Fire Lily to bloom. It’s the flood that brings more nutrients to the soil. It’s the chisel that transforms stone into a work of art. A caterpillar must become goo before she can become a butterfly.

Being goo is messy. It makes you feel like you can’t get anything done. You think you’ll never stop being goo, that it was silly to think you could fly.

Oh, but when it all starts to come together…. When you can spread your wings and shake off the bug soup. It’s fucking magic.

There’s pride on the other side. There’s a YOU you don’t know is possible on the other side.

You put something out into the world that didn’t exist before and will never not exist again.

The 6-figure biz bro taught you to make more money with a system, but they didn’t prepare you for the impact you would make on each and every person that you serve.

You love the money that comes in from your creation (and it will come, you know that), but you know deep down that things-that-can’t-not-be-made come from a place deeper than money.

They come from your gut, from your intuition, from your heart, your soul, your spirit.

That’s your motivation. That’s what is calling to you.

Let’s make that happen.

You can’t not.

Cindy has helped me so much with confronting and working through my vulnerability with visibility. It’s been empowering to realize that it’s okay to make mistake or not know what I am doing. I’ve learned that communicating with my audience and putting my work out there is really uncomfortable but it’s also really exciting to take action. I can be really vulnerable and honest with Cindy, and she is so gentle and sweet, but also honest and decisive. I would highly recommend her to any heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to learn to trust themselves and not have a perfect formula to be successful.
Carol LeBlanc


Cindy holds such a safe, supportive, and empowering space during all of her coaching sessions. This allows me to really dig deep and safely explore what has been holding me back from reaching my goals – and encourages and supports me to move forward towards what really fills me up in life! I am honoured to have Cindy as my coach and to know I have someone in my corner supporting me in seeing and realizing my worth, potential, and goals.

Amanda Moffatt


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