Art as a defensive weapon? It seems strange, but Pablo Picasso demonstrated its power in his painting Guernica. I’ve brought Jennifer Easterling back onto the show for another art conversation, and this time we discuss Picasso’s famous artwork. Both of us had strong gut reactions to it, so in this episode we talk about what it’s taught us and its importance in history.

This episode was part of the Art Class Curator before we rebranded to Art and Self.

1:47​ – Jenn recalls her reaction when she first laid eyes on Guernica 

6:02 – I discuss my unexpected emotional experience seeing it in person 

9:10 – Painting a picture of what this Picasso artwork looks like 

14:20 – The diabolical history behind why Picasso created this painting

18:21 – Why we had such a strong reaction to seeing Guernica in person

21:48 – How the pandemic impacted Jenn’s connection with the artwork

25:18 – Legacy of the Jewish woman who secretly taught art to children in a concentration camp

33:06 – What I kept seeing in my mind when I went to view the painting

37:26 – Picasso’s ultimatum and Guernica’s lengthy journey from Paris to Spain

42:22 – Picasso’s view on symbolism in art

44:51 – Discussing the symbolism we see in his painting

48:08 – A difference I noticed in his drawings versus the final painting

54:08 – Picasso’s experimentation with the drawings

56:40 – How our husbands reacted to Guernica

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