I’m at the part of my book that explains my growth in the last 5 or so years, and it’s really fascinating to try to put this into a narrative that makes sense since so much of this growth was internal—many small shifts that lead to other small shifts than lead to other small shifts. 

My healing and my accomplishing goals came from big actions and risks I took in my life, big steps forward even though I was scared, yes for sure, but it mostly came from a deeper place of understanding and trust with myself that I’ve had to build slowly and methodically brick-by-brick.

Part one of the book was about my trauma, my social anxiety, my shame, the big things that kept me from taking actions, but part two is about all of the “little” things that came next that also stood in my way—mostly all remnants and old ways of being and old thought patterns that I had to navigate through to get to a place of feeling whole and at peace.

I tried to make a list of all of the things I’ve navigated over the last five years to help part two of the book come together more clearly.

  • perfectionism
  • holding myself and others to too high standards
  • setting boundaries
  • people pleasing
  • overworking (I’ve had two jobs at the same time for most of my life!)
  • overthinking
  • instinct to run from my problems with new jobs, new moves, etc.
  • black and white thinking
  • hiding my true authentic self
  • only doing things I am good at
  • distraction from emotions
  • trust in my body
  • feeling safe
  • trust in my self
  • getting in tune with my intuition

How did I navigate through all of this? Coaching. I’ve worked with coaches continuously over the last four years to work through (and even just to become aware of) the things on this list.

As someone who has done both therapy and coaching (and I still do BOTH as both are incredibly valuable in my life), coaching is action-oriented and future oriented. You don’t dwell too much on the why and the how did I get here, but you dwell on the how do I overcome, how do I move forward and what can I do to feel better today, and how can I be who I need to be to make all my goals come true now?

Coaching has made such an impact on me that I trained this last year to be a coach, so I could learn the tools to help others achieve what I have achieved (and continue to work through, there is no arrival, there is no “done” with self development). 

It’s true and it is real, and it is possible. 

And it feels freakin’ amazing.

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