Guess who I have on as my guest today! Long-time listeners know that I love the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast. One of the co-hosts, Vanessa Zoltan, has similar views about connecting with literature as I do with artwork. In this episode, she and I discuss her book Praying with Jane Eyre and how to use sacred text (or sacred art) as a tool to help you deal with some of life’s problems, do good in the world, and become a better person in the process.

This episode was part of the Art Class Curator before we rebranded to Art and Self.

2:24​ – Vanessa briefs us on her background in education and chaplaincy

4:46 – Vanessa explains why she loves Jane Eyre so much

8:15 – What it means for something to be sacred, according to Vanessa

10:22 – Exploring the idea of how treating text as sacred leads to treating your neighbor as sacred

16:35 – The gift Vanessa recently received while reading Jane Eyre that we can all heed

19:25 – A brief description of Vanessa’s book and why her chapter on destiny shook me so much

21:27 – How a recent controversy involving JK Rowling tested people’s capacity to separate art from the artist

26:05 – How problematic elements in Bronte’s Jane Eyre reflect a dark side of the U.S.

30:42 – How to find your own sacred text or art and work with it

36:02 – Why re-reading the same exact text can still produce a different experience every time

40:20 – The artwork that has changed Vanessa’s life for 20 years running

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