The personal connection you have with works of arts–what it does for you and how you use it in your life–rubs off on your students too and impacts their lives and those around them. Author John Butler once said, “Art changes people and people change the world.” How? I did some research to discover what looking at art does for us as people and the countless ways art can change you.

This episode was part of the Art Class Curator before we rebranded to Art and Self.

In this episode, I discuss how it benefits the broader spectrum of humanity physically, mentally, emotionally, and more.

5:38 – Hormonal and other health effects that just 30 minutes of art gazing has on your body

9:16 – How art rescued me during an emotionally vulnerable time on a week-long retreat

10:55 – How art alleviates feelings of isolation and increases empathy, tolerance, and compassion

18:56 – Why engaging with works of art makes you more insightful and creative

24:22 – Ways in which looking at art can transform and improve your thinking skills

29:32 – The impact of art connection on your relationships, communication, and emotion

31:46 – How seeing Picasso’s Guernica reflected in a real life event shifted my inner kaleidoscope

35:06 – Why yawns are contagious and what they have in common with looking at art

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