If you’ve been following us for a while, what we do here at Art Class Curator is much deeper than art appreciation or history. Appreciating art is great, but it gives off the vibe of being better than you and puts up a divide between the art and those who can enjoy it. In the last year, we’ve been emphasizing art connection instead of appreciation.

Connecting with art has taught me something about myself that I didn’t know, helped me get through something, or given me clarity or a safe space. So in this episode, I’m gonna talk about ways to use art to have moments of clarity and connection where things suddenly make sense.

This episode was part of the Art Class Curator before we rebranded to Art and Self.

3:26​ – My realization that art isn’t about the details but the feelings

9:29 – What I mean by spirituality and spiritual practices

14:56 – The aesthetic experience incorporating both mind and body

23:05 – How we can use art as a spiritual practice

30:11 – What to do if you can’t make it to an art museum

32:12 – A couple of caveats

This episode was published before we moved the full show notes over to artandself.com. Transcript and full show notes are available at https://artclasscurator.com/58-art-as-spiritual-practice/.