Today’s a different kind of episode. I had an idea recently and wanted to experiment with something new…

I went back to the Dallas Museum of Art to revisit Nauline Pierre’s exhibit. Why? I want to look at the same artwork again and again to see what new lessons I get out of it and how the artwork grows and changes as I grow and change.

And I want you along for the ride to see what that looks like in practice. I’m not just recalling my experience but also giving you a true taste of it in the immediate aftermath. So in this episode, I’ve captured my fresh thoughts and perspectives on Pierre’s exhibit, from the comfort of my car outside the museum. 

This episode was part of the Art Class Curator before we rebranded to Art and Self.

5:59 – Describing the next painting in the story of the falling woman, Power Within

9:14 – Why one particular angel in this artwork resonated with me so much

12:28 – Describing Pierre’s Hereafter, Ye Shall Be Changed and the storyline I see within it

14:49 – How this painting reflects my own life right now

19:01 – New insights gained, a couple of days later

23:52 – Why I wanted to do an episode like this and create the Art Connection Circle

27:01 – The three things necessary to treat something like art as a sacred act

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