Today’s episode features a great interview that really illustrates the power of art connection. I talk with Olivia Ollis, an art teacher of over 30 years living in rural North Carolina. Her experience over the last year has deepened her personal connection to works of art and helped her discover new things about herself in the process. She discusses her health obstacles recently and the museum program that’s helping her through it.

This episode was part of the Art Class Curator before we rebranded to Art and Self

6:52 – Why Olivia wanted to teach art and how she got into the field

8:06 – A program at her local museum that’s helping Olivia through endometrial cancer

13:34 – Surprising things Olivia has learned about herself since starting the program

19:56 – How Olivia’s relationship with art will change going forward

21:30 – The wonderful ways in which art has helped Olivia through her healing process

23:11 – The most powerful artwork in Olivia’s life right now

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