There are moments in life that you walk away from forever changed. One of the most magical, forever changed moments in my life happened thanks to my guest today, Lyn Carpenter.

Lyn is an Equine Gestaltist who helps women discover their authentic selves and recover from people pleasing through coaching and a healing environment filled with a herd of horses.

The majesty of horses and their connection with humans has been captured in artwork for generations. It’s easy to understand why when you experience their incredible ability to sense when the words you say do not match your heart.

Together, we discussed Horse by Andrea Wan. This artwork perfectly encapsulates a horse’s ability to see through the facade, shatter the mask you wear to please others, and bring light to the shadowy parts of yourself you’ve hidden to be more lovable.

Once we let the light shine in, it’s easy to see that the love we gain by hiding our true selves is not love at all. We do not need to deceive ourselves to be loved. We do not need to shapeshift to be accepted.

Being who you truly are is what the world needs. Whether you discover this truth on the back of a horse, while transfixed by an artwork, or somewhere else entirely, I hope you know it, and I hope the knowledge frees you.

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