After graduate school, I worked at an art non-profit called Big Thought. While I was there, my podcast guest today Eric Booth was a consultant who went high up in the company straight out of college. He did a lot of staff development training and programs for the non-profit. This episode represents a full circle moment for me as I thrill at reconnecting with him! In it, he and I talk about his path as a teaching artist and the connection between art and spirituality, a topic we both care about tremendously.

This episode was part of the Art Class Curator before we rebranded to Art and Self.

3:16 – Eric talks about his transition from Broadway actor to teaching artist

6:36 – How the teaching artist field has changed and the effects of the pandemic on the industry

12:18 – Two ways to bring a teaching artist into your classroom

15:38 – Eric describes what a good teaching artist partnership looks like

21:03 – The single best sentence Eric ever wrote, the idea behind it, and the companion book it eventually created

24:51 – How I recently made my own art and spirituality connection

27:52 – Paying a higher quality of attention to all different kinds of things in your life

32:20 – Eric explains what he means when he talks about the “verbs of art”

37:40 – The different between big art and religion and little art and religion

41:10 – The three concepts the Everyday Work of Art book boils down to

45:01 – Ideas on how to help students develop responsiveness to works of art

49:58 – What you can do right now to become more connected with art and spirituality

55:51 – How Hamlet changed Eric’s life

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