Last May, I joined a daily (weekdays) writing group. I committed to attending these daily writing practices every session.


Then, in August, I added making art to my regular creative practice.

Here are some things I have learned.

1. Regular creative practice teaches my brain: I DO THIS NOW. Now, when I wake up, my brain kicks in and starts to write, whether or not it was the plan for the day.

2. My subconscious is always on the lookout for new input for the creative problems I am solving, and it sees connections constantly. Louis Pasteur said…  CHANCE FAVORS THE PREPARED MIND. I have absolutely found this to be true.

3. At the end of a daily creative practice, I may not have “made progress” towards the things I have created, but THE PROCESS OF ENGAGING WITH MY CREATIVITY IS PROGRESS even if no words were written or no images were committed to the page.

4. Daily creative practice chips away at my PERFECTIONISM. The goal to make something perfect stands in the way of moving forward. PERFECTIONISM PUTS MY CREATIVITY IN CHAINS. I am learning to allow myself to create GARBAGE. I can recycle it into something shiny later. Or not.

5. I have learned I am an ARTIST, and I am a WRITER. Not just someone who writes or someone who creates things. It is my identity and cannot be taken away from me. There is so much POWER and HEALING in that truth. I knew I was an ARTIST & WRITER when I was young, BUT I FORGOT.

Engaging in daily creative practice has CHANGED EVERYTHING.