Over the last few months, I’ve really been exploring what really lights me up in my work. While helping teachers bring the joy of personal art connection to their students has been wonderful, I also know that I want to teach again and be in conversations about art rather than just helping others facilitate them.

To that end, I’m offering a new program on November 8 that’s not just for teachers, it’s for anybody. As a precursor to this, I did an interview with a friend and colleague of mine, Lisa Carpenter, on her podcast called Full Frontal Living. I’ve known her for several years and after the interview, I realized that I really wanted to share this conversation with you too.

So in this episode, Lisa interviews me about making personal connections with art as a tool for self care and healing. I also share a bit about the upcoming program, Art Connection Circle, and walk her through an interpretation exercise of Miquel Barceló’s art, Sopa d’Europa.

This episode was part of the Art Class Curator before we rebranded to Art and Self.

4:44​ – I discuss my deeply emotional connection with art

8:28 – Art’s ability to allow you feel safe in your feelings

10:11 – How to start thinking about art as a way to practice self-care

13:25 – The tendency of different forms of art to meet you wherever you are in your life

18:08 – Why even the works of art that bore or repel you are worth exploring

22:24 – Approaching self-care and art in a different way

27:50 – Lisa makes a personal connection with art live on the podcast

38:51 – What’s different for Lisa after connecting with Miquel’s artwork

41:43 – Where the real meaning behind any work of art can be found

45:15 – How art can serve as a safety net for hard conversations

This episode was published before we moved the full show notes over to artandself.com. Transcript and full show notes are available at https://artclasscurator.com/84-joy-of-art-connection/