We sometimes talk about using art to make a difference. And while some may be cynical about that claim, my guest today isn’t one of them. Dani Coke has an incredible story to share about how her art went viral overnight, made a difference, and really changed her life, and she explains her artistic process. As you listen to her describe her journey, you’ll get chills at the power of her art, just like I did!

This episode was part of the Art Class Curator before we rebranded to Art and Self.

2:01​ – Dani briefly explains her history as a lover of art and creativity

5:56 – Dani reveals the events behind her art going viral on social media

11:45 – Dealing with the duality of personal, empowering success under awful circumstances

16:34 – COVID and Asian hate as an example of Dani’s process for creating art with a message

20:42 – How Dani manages to avoid dealing with people nitpicking her over semantics

25:07 – The teacher with an assumption about Dani that almost put her off the art path for good

30:01 – The chorus teacher who encouraged Dani on her creative journey

32:48 – Advice for teachers who want to have difficult conversations with their students about race, gender, and privilege

39:29 – Using your sphere of influence to bring about change for causes that matter most to you

43:43 – Where Dani gets her creative inspiration from and some book recommendations from her

47:48 – The work of art that changed Dani’s life

This episode was published before we moved the full show notes over to artandself.com. Transcript and full show notes are available at https://artclasscurator.com/79