I rarely comment about the Internet, but sometimes I have to speak up when something bumps up against my values. This impromptu episode is brought to you by a little argument about Van Gogh I got into online. 

I realized I had some really strong feelings that I don’t know if I’ve really discussed in any format here. It’s a very important perspective that we need to consider so that our students don’t end up perpetuating elitist thinking when it comes to art, and so that we can create a space where we make art accessible to all.

This episode was part of the Art Class Curator before we rebranded to Art and Self.

2:44​ – What sparked the argument and my reaction

7:22 – Examples of elitism built into the art museum system

11:46 – Kids’ reactions to the immersive Van Gogh show in Chicago

16:28 – The argument for “being educated” and making art accessible to all

This episode was published before we moved the full show notes over to artandself.com. Transcript and full show notes are available at https://artclasscurator.com/62.