Today on the Art Class Curator Podcast, Cindy Ingram will share a personal story about a recent art encounter that called her to action and helped her cope with a profound tragedy. Please join her in considering how art can console and restores us. Find out what you can do to help our students utilize art to connect, heal and take action. If you want to see how art can change your life then you must listen to this episode.

Cindy Ingram is a dedicated teacher that strongly believes that art can help people deal with the tragedies that we see in today’s society. She wants to help children use art as a way to feel less alone in this world. She feels that children need more exposure to art in order for them to make a personal connection to art.

This episode was part of the Art Class Curator before we rebranded to Art and Self.

More in this episode:

  • The recent tragedies that schools are facing in today’s society. How has it affected schools, art teachers and students?
  • How art can help people through these situations and how art provides solace.
  • Her trip to see Hamilton in Houston after the tragedy in Santa Fe, Texas and the description of the musical and its impact on her.
  • Cindy talks about the podcast “Harry Potter and the Sacred Text” and how it connects to some tragedies that are happening today. 
  • Art can be a comfort tool and we can teach children to use art in this way.
  • Finding ways for non-artistic kids to connect with art, find deeper meaning in art, and see themselves in a work of art.
  • How to use art to cope with tragedies, release stress and how to connect art in your life.
  • The need for teachers to talk to students about these tragedies and issues and the idea that using art is a safe way to do this. 
  • Special Guest Speaker, “Jim O’Donnell” will talk about his experience with a school shooting and how he spoke to the students about it and how art affected him through all of this.

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Hamilton Broadway Hip Hop Musical

Harry Potter and the Sacred Texts the podcast

The Soup of Europe painting by Miguel Barcelo