As most Art Teachers may know, it can be easy to fall into catering to what students and administrators want and need, but in turn, we lose sight of what we need ourselves. Lana Jelenjev is with us here today to share the importance of “checking in”. Join us and learn the questions to ask yourself in order to figure out your own needs and the imperativeness of doing so.

This episode was part of the Art Class Curator before we rebranded to Art and Self.

Show Highlights:

  • Lana’s method of making thinking visible
  • In the entrepreneurial world, how to know when to pivot or pull the plug
  • The powerful tool of “checking in”
  • What the concept of Reverse Mind Mapping has to offer
  • The questions to ask in order to identify your personal needs
  • The danger of becoming too attached to the idea of an end product
  • The practice that can help teachers and students in the classroom
  • The importance of defining what you need
  • What is compassionate communication and how it can benefit you
  • The difference in being selfish and being self-full that society doesn’t tell us


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