There is so little in the world that we can control. All we really have power over is our own actions, reactions, and the thoughts inside our head. That doesn’t seem like much in a world moving at the speed of scrolling screens with opinions and expectations at every turn.

But it’s everything we need and more.

The covid pandemic changed all of us. Some in big ways. Some in small ways. For Michelle Gordon, life before 2020 looks very different to life now. She left a career in medicine and discovered who she was beneath society’s shoulds and shouldn’ts.

In this episode, we discussed the power of perspective through the artwork When We Return You Won’t Recognize Us by Glen Brown. The lens we look through changes our interpretation. Sometimes it’s as easy as pondering whether a stroke in a painting is a strand of hair or a wisp of soul. Sometimes it’s as complicated as asking if life is happening to you or if you’re the one in control.

We talk about discomfort and the way depression feels like disappearing, about transition and transformation, and so much more.

How do you get your voice back? How do you get rid of shame? How do you learn to love yourself?

What changes when you realize everything you need is already inside of you?

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