Does truth exist? If it does, is it possible to know the truth? That’s what me and Dr. Amy Winebarger talked about as we discussed Action Painting II by Mark Tansey.

Science and art are often seen as opposites—one concerned with numbers and facts, the other dipping into emotion and feelings. But both science and art are a way of exploring and explaining the world, the universe, and our experience of it all.

Humans are curious. We’ve been seeking knowledge and attempting to share our own truths for as long as we’ve existed. No matter how we view the world, what matters most is the space between us and the connections we make there.

Amy R. Winebarger is an astrophysicist in the Heliophysics and Planetary Science Office at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. She specializes in the analysis of observations of the solar corona. In our conversation, she shared the thrilling nature of her work, the magic of finding the career that’s right for you, and talked about where she finds God in the universe.

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