I’ve been talking about The Two Fridas for years with hundreds of students and teachers, and I even have a chapter of my upcoming memoir dedicated to it. But when Allison Crow chose it for today’s podcast episode, I was happy to get to spend more time with it, but I wasn’t really expecting any big new insights about the painting. 

Gosh was I wrong. 

And I’m not that surprised. Allison, my friend, coach, writing buddy, and author of the new book, Unarmored: Finding Home in the Wild Edges of Being Human (affiliate link), is nothing if not brilliant and insightful. I absolutely loved this conversation with her about The Two Fridas.

We talked about so much in that hour–knowing ourselves, being present with our pain, our emotions, and all of our parts, and the beauty and healing power of connection.

After our discussion, we noted that Frida is a beautiful model for us on how to live authentically and how to be truly there and present with yourself.

It was such a beautiful conversation, and I hope you enjoy it too. 

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