In this episode of the Art & Self Podcast, I welcome someone who has been influential and instrumental in my own life, Yola Mehmeti. Yola works with energy and helps people create spaciousness in their lives. It’s hard to describe what she does, but I can say from experience that it is pure magic.

Art is magic too. It can act like medicine in our body, clearing out wounds and allowing us to share and be vulnerable. Art changes with us. They say you never cross the same river twice because your journey makes you a different person. You never see the same artwork twice either. Your life changes what you see and how you interpret it.

Yola and I spoke how the meaning we find is shaped by our experiences and choices, and how our choices and experiences are shaped by the meaning we make.

The artwork discussed on this episode is from the exhibit The Real Deal is Talking to Dad by Chen Ke. You can find the artwork here.

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