In this episode, I chat about what I have been up to, tell you about the new(ish) format for the show, and explore a work by my favorite artist, Naudline Pierre, through the lenses of Internal Family Systems and Shadow Work.

Artwork Discussed

Nicole Eisenman, Coping, 2008

In this engaging podcast episode, Melissa Cox joins me to discuss the artwork Coping by Nicole Eisenman. 

Here’s a bulleted list of what we discussed in this episode, thanks to our friend Chat GPT.

  • The feeling of being worn down by internal struggles or long-term challenges
  • Reflections on hope and despair, and the isolation it can bring
  • The importance of representation and seeing possibilities for different choices
  • Personal anecdotes illustrating the impact of representation on decision-making
  • Discovering one’s neurodiversity and the journey of self-acceptance and accommodation
  • The need for radical acceptance and compassion for oneself and others
  • Coping mechanisms and harm reduction strategies in facing life’s challenges
  • Externalizing internal struggles through creative mediums like art and fan fiction
  • The evolving nature of long-term friendships and the acceptance of change
  • The therapeutic value of art and conversation in processing emotions and experiences
  • The role of verbal processing and receiving feedback in personal growth and problem-solving
  • Understanding the dynamics of evolving friendships and accepting change over time
  • Embracing compassion for oneself and others, and reframing past judgments
  • Using art as a medium for self-reflection, externalizing internal struggles, and seeking new perspectives
  • Recognizing the importance of community in reducing isolation and realizing shared experiences
  • Setting explicit boundaries and needs for personal well-being


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