In the wake of the pandemic last year, I recorded a conference, Called to Art, that brought together educators from across the U.S. It was an amazing experience where I used real-world examples of myself to discuss what we learn from looking at art, how we can become emotionally connected to particular pieces of art, and why you should show more works of art to your students. It was all about discovering and rediscovering the emotional power of art, and I want to share that presentation with you in today’s show.

This episode was part of the Art Class Curator before we rebranded to Art and Self.

3:50​ – How I developed my deep connection to art

10:36 – Why I switched from art history to art education

14:02 – A question to think about as you listen to the rest of the episode

16:02 – What you get out of art when you really slow down and look at it

20:36 – Embracing uncertainty and answers within through artwork

23:47 – The surprising amount of emotional fluency of the average person

29:37 – An exercise to discover your emotional connections with art

36:25 – Examples of my powerful, personal connections with art

49:06 – Four areas where you can prime your students to have their own emotional art connections

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