Podcast Guest Application

If you’re interested in being on Art and Self with Cindy Ingram, please complete the following form. Depending on my energy level and current work load, I may or may not be actively scheduling guests at this time, but your application will be saved for when I am ready to schedule guest. While I cannot respond to all expressions of interest, I will reach out to individuals who I believe are good fits for the show. 

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on Art and Self with Cindy Ingram. This conversation will be more than just an interview. In the episode, we will discuss and interpret a work of art together, weaving in interview questions and personal connections as we go. I will choose the artwork based on your interests, and I will only pick artwork that is easy to interpret! Fear not! You don’t need to know ANYTHING about art for this to be a fantastic experience. I have over 20 years of experience leading art discussions, and I will hold your hand through the whole thing. Just bring yourself and an open heart and mind.

I won’t call you without an appointment, but I may send a text. Leave blank if you don’t want me to do that.
Briefly describe yourself and what makes you an interesting guest. What can you talk passionately about for an hour?
Are you promoting anything specific by being on the show? For example, a book, your own podcast, your email list, a freebie or resource, your services, etc. Please provide a brief description and a link. (I realize the answer may change depending on when I contact you back, no worries if that is the case)
Please list your URLs, public social media profiles, etc. No need to include profiles that are “private” or “friends only.”
Is there something special like a launch date that you are wanting this podcast to coincide with? If so, what is that date? I can’t make any promises, but it’s helpful to know!
If you have your own podcast, please provide the title, description, and link below. Please also indicate if you’d like to invite Cindy to be a guest on YOUR show or if you’d like to discuss cross-posting your episode.
I will choose an artwork for our discussion based on your interests and my criteria for what makes a great artwork to discuss. To help guide me, do you have any favorite artworks or artists? (you do not have to have an answer to this question nor will you be judged on whether or not you have an answer! I got you.)
Are you willing to be vulnerable, open, and honest in our discussion? I won’t make you share anything you aren’t comfortable sharing, but the conversation is much more meaningful when you bring your full, open self to the artwork and the conversation.
What did I not ask that you want to tell me? What questions do you have?