Please remove from (and all other markets) SUMMARY Of Art Is About Being Whole: A Memoir: A Guide To Cindy Ingram’s Book at this link

According to Chapter 1, section 106(2) of US Copyright law, the exclusive right to create derivative works belongs solely to Cindy Ingram as the copyright holder. The use of the material in question does not qualify as fair use under US Copyright Law, Chapter 1, Section 107. Firstly, the summarized book serves a commercial purpose and may adversely affect the potential financial gains for the original copyright holder, Cindy Ingram. Secondly, the summary encompasses the entirety of the book, providing detailed information and extensive paraphrased text, which goes beyond the bounds of fair use. As a result, any creation of derivative works without the explicit authorization of Cindy Ingram would be in violation of copyright law.

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Summarized Chapter (example)

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