Art-Based Coaching With Cindy

Transformative Art-Based Coaching for the Soulful and Curious
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Hi! I’m Cindy, and I help heart-centered people come home to their deepest selves through art, compassion, and connection.

Welcome to a unique coaching experience that blends the transformative power of art with personal development. As an ICF certified professional coach, I use art as a tool to help you navigate life’s challenges, unlock your creative potential, and achieve meaningful personal growth.

Harnessing the Power of Art for Personal Growth

Art is more than just a creative outlet; it’s a powerful tool for self-discovery and transformation. In my coaching practice, I integrate art in unique and meaningful ways to help you unlock your potential and achieve personal growth.

You don’t need any art experience to benefit from this type of coaching. I promise! 

Here’s how I use art in my practice:

Creating Art:

Express Emotions: Use various art forms like painting, collage, and mixed media to express and explore your emotions. Creating art helps you tap into feelings that words alone can’t capture, providing a deeper understanding of your inner world.

Uncover Blocks: Through the act of creating, we identify and address personal blocks and fears. The process of making art can reveal subconscious barriers and help you work through them in a non-threatening, creative way.

Foster Creativity: Develop a consistent creative practice that fosters your creativity and brings more joy and vitality into your life. Engaging regularly in art-making encourages you to think outside the box and explore new possibilities.

Interpreting Art:

Self-Reflection: Analyzing and interpreting works of art can serve as a mirror for your own experiences and feelings. We use art to reflect on your life, gain insights, and make connections that lead to profound personal growth.

Art as Metaphor: Art often speaks in metaphors. By interpreting these metaphors, we can explore complex emotions and situations in a safe and approachable way, providing clarity and new perspectives.

Why Art?

Art bypasses the logical mind and speaks directly to the soul. It allows you to access deeper parts of yourself, facilitating healing, growth, and transformation. Whether you’re making art or interpreting it, the process helps you connect with your true self, uncover hidden truths, and find new ways to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Ready to explore the transformative power of art in your life? Schedule a free Curiosity Call today and discover how art-based coaching can help you achieve your personal growth goals.

About My Coaching

My approach is designed to help you uncover deeper layers of yourself, embrace your creativity, and make meaningful changes in your life. Whether you’re seeking self-discovery, wholeness, or a stronger connection to your intuition, my coaching provides a supportive and personalized journey tailored to your needs. Below, you’ll find more specifics about coaching.

My Specialties

  • Self-discovery: Deepen your connection to yourself, embrace self-love, and rediscover lost parts of who you are.
  • Wholeness: Embrace who you are as you are, living fully to your values and embodying the essences you want in your life.
  • Intuition: Connect with your intuition and figure out what’s missing to live the life that’s perfect for you.
  • Overcoming Blocks: Learn from resistance instead of pushing through it, and set and hold boundaries with yourself and others.
  • Unshaming: Release guilt and “shoulds,” unmask and unshame yourself.
  • Energy Management: Understand your energy and limitations, fostering creativity and vitality.
  • Creativity: Foster your creativity and let it guide you to new possibilities and a more vibrant life.
  • Possibility: Overcome limiting beliefs and uncover new possibilities.
  • Emotional Processing: Gain emotional understanding and learn to process your feelings effectively.

What I Won’t Coach On

  • Mental health disorders best treated with therapy and doctors – Coaching is amazing, but sometimes you need medicine.
  • Pushing through resistance and denying intuition – If you are feeling resistance, there’s probably a reason. Let’s figure out what’s behind the resistance and learn to tap into your intuition.
  • Weight issues, unless focusing on peace and acceptance with your body – We’ve got better ways to spend our energy than on worrying about the sizes of our bodies! 
  • Habits, productivity, and to-do lists – Sorry, that’s boring. Let’s go DEEPER.
  • “Tough love” approaches – You’re hard enough on yourself already! 

My Favorite Coaching Modalities

  • Art, obviously
  • Creative Writing
  • Intuitive Questioning and Pattern Recognition
  • Cognitive Reframes
  • Parts Work
  • Visualization
  • Creative Recovery
  • Book and Media Recommendations when appropriate

My Credentials

I’m an ICF certified professional coach trained through Coaching Evolved, with sub-certifications in Breathwork for Coaching, EFT for Coaching, and NLP for Coaching. I hold an MA in Art Education and a BA in Art History. Throughout my career, I have talked about and made art with thousands of people, helping them find clarity and inspiration through creative expression and interpretation.

Coaching Options

Single 1:1 Coaching Session

$250 for 1-hour session

Book a single coaching session to get a taste of how coaching can transform your life. This session will provide you with immediate insights, personalized guidance, and a creative boost to help you overcome current challenges and take the first step towards meaningful change.

If you decide a longer coaching package is for you, the cost of this session can be applied towards a longer package.

Monthly Coaching Packages

$555 per month

Commit to a 3 or 6-month coaching package to dive deep into your personal growth journey. With two one-on-one calls per month and unlimited voice/text support on Voxer between sessions, you’ll receive continuous guidance, creative exercises, and accountability to help you achieve lasting transformation and live your most authentic and beautiful life.

To enroll in a monthly coaching package, you must first complete a free curiosity call with me to determine if we are a good fit to work together.


Cindy is truly excellent at creating a safe space to share, explore, and feel heard. I was never worried that I was going to say the wrong thing or that I couldn’t say something that I wanted to say because of how it would be reacted to. That safe space allowed us to create deep bonds.

Jules Gardner

Peer Support Specialist

Cindy has helped me so much with confronting and working through my vulnerability with visibility. It’s been empowering to realize that it’s okay to make mistake or not know what I am doing. I’ve learned that communicating with my audience and putting my work out there is really uncomfortable but it’s also really exciting to take action. I can be really vulnerable and honest with Cindy, and she is so gentle and sweet, but also honest and decisive. I would highly recommend her to any heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to learn to trust themselves and not have a perfect formula to be successful.
Carol LeBlanc

Love Your Numbers Now

Cindy holds such a safe, supportive, and empowering space during all of her coaching sessions. This allows me to really dig deep and safely explore what has been holding me back from reaching my goals – and encourages and supports me to move forward towards what really fills me up in life! I am honoured to have Cindy as my coach and to know I have someone in my corner supporting me in seeing and realizing my worth, potential, and goals.

Amanda Moffatt

Career and Empowerment Coach

The self-awareness I gained was profound. I realized how important it is for my actions to line up with my values and also what a strong hold past voices have on how I think about myself now. In this safe and non-judgmental space, I learned to always be true to myself.
Gwen Evseichik

Museum Docent